The Dallas Cup Championship - It's The CrossFit Open, But Better!

December 3, 2021
The Dallas Cup Championship - It's The CrossFit Open, But Better!

Registering for the CrossFit Open through is a great way to measure yourself against the rest of the world. And if you're competitive like I am, it's the only way to possibly advance to the Quarterfinals which take place in early April (athletes who finish in the top 10% of athletes on their continent in their division will advance to the Quarterfinals. A 1-week event that will include multiple events. Should anyone from the gym qualify we will discuss this more!)

This aspect of the Open is something I will still be participating in, but it pales in comparison to the magnitude of The Dallas Cup Championship!

The Dallas cup is always in conjunction with the CrossFit Open, but it's also its own event! 4 Teams will be competing each week for the coveted prize of having their name engraved on the Dallas Cup Trophy that was introduced in the 2020 Open. The trophy is presented to the team that earns the most points over the course of The CrossFit Open.

This year The Open is a 3 week competition versus a 5 week event as it has been in years past. This means each week is vitally important to earn your team points and help them finish at the top of the podium in the end.

How To Earn Points For Your Team

Each week, you will be able to earn points for your team in the following ways.

  1. Do the workout and log your score in SugarWOD. This can be done in class on Friday each week, or on Saturday for the final showdown in week 3!
  2. Judge a fellow athlete. Workouts are hard enough as it is, add in the pressure of the Open and suddenly you can't remember what rep you're on, let alone what round you're on. That's why we always have someone else count our reps and rounds in the Open so you can just focus on the workout and breathing.
  3. Post a picture and tag your team and Big Shoulders CrossFit! We LOVE seeing your smiling faces after getting done with an awesome sweat session. After you finish your workout, take a selfie and post it to your Instagram feed or story. Use your team hashtag and make sure you tag the gym as well! (No tag, no points!)
  4. Finish in the top 3 in your division! There will be 4 divisions this year. Men's, Women's, Men's Masters (40+), and Women's Masters (40+). Each division will rank all tiers of the workout that week in one bunch. Athletes who complete the workout as Rx'd will rank above those who do it scaled. And scaled will rank above the foundation's division.

    First place will get 3 extra points for their team. 2nd place will get 2 extra points, and 3rd place will get 1 extra point. These points are ON TOP of their points for participating and judging and any picture they may post!

    An example finish would be:
    1. Best Rx score
    2. 2nd best Rx score
    3. Best scaled score

    If two athletes or less Rx a workout in a certain division (not unlikely), then the top scaled scores will be used to finish out the top 3. This means even if you do a workout scaled, you can still finish in the top 3!

Each athletes points will add to the teams totals, and after 3 weeks the team with the most points wins! (hint: In week 2 and 3 you can earn extra points by judging for multiple athletes!)

How Are Teams Decided?

This year, the coaches at Big Shoulders CrossFit nominated 4 athletes to be team captains. This Saturday, we will be hosting the inaugural draft for the Dallas Cup! Captains will start with a random drawing of who the coach of their team will be. Then the draft will begin!

Athletes who have registered already for the Dallas Cup will be chosen by team captains to help them build the roster, earn points, and win the trophy! All you have to do to be selected is sign up!

The draft is only the beginning though! After the draft, open recruitment starts. Anyone who is not signed up for The Dallas Cup will be a "free agent" that can be recruited to sign up for a team. If you want to avoid the hassle of being texted, emailed, and asked in class if you want to join a team, I'd highly recommend signing up before the draft!


Did we mention that as part of signing up, you get an exclusive, "Big Shoulders CrossFit Open 2021" shirt? Hopefully, by now you're really convinced to sign up!

It's an exciting time at Big Shoulders CrossFit to say the least.

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