The 3 Step Process To Progress

December 3, 2021
The 3 Step Process To Progress

What's Bothering You?

I was beside myself. Totally overwhelmed and feeling as though there was no way I could possibly handle another day of this stress."Have you written down everything that's bothering you?" My Dad asked calmly?"Well, no..." I responded."I would start there." He wisely suggested.Up to that moment, it was all in my head. Problem after problem building, and growing exponentially into a snowball so big I felt it was out of my control. Once I wrote it all down though, it was like a ray of sunshine had melted most of the snow away and I was left with a very manageable task in front of me.In my last two posts, I discussed establishing your non-negotiables, and habit stacking to make progress towards your goals. But they may not always be able to help you. Today we'll break down how to take what may seem like an impossible list of problems, into a very manageable 3 step process.

Step 1: Get It Out Of Your Own Head

The first thing to do is to write down each thing that you perceive to be a problem. Putting pen to paper always helps me clear my mind and gives clarity to things that seem too daunting to face head-on.Whether it's something at work or your personal life; writing what's bothering you down will stop the endless internal chatter and give you something concrete to work with.

Step 2: Is It In Your Control?

The next step is to identify whether the issue is in your control. It's usually a simple yes or no. In short, can you personally do something about what's bothering you?

Step 3: Take Action

A mantra I have developed for myself is, "Action is the only solution". If something is bothering me, and I'm not taking action towards resolving it, why am I letting it consume me? Either take action towards it if it's in your control or let it go if it's not!

Final Consideration

Something to note is, it's important to know your non-negotiables to keep you on track towards your larger goals in life. While there may be something bothering you that's in your control, it may not be worth taking action towards if that action pulls you away from your non-negotiables. An essential part of this process is understanding that not every problem needs to be solved. If we really want to make progress towards our bigger goals in life, we have to stay focused on what's most important to us.If one of your non-negotiables is being healthy (which, we have a strong bias towards believing everyone should have their health as a priority!), and one of your problems is you know you can't do it by yourself, then take the action today of reaching out to us and scheduling a no-sweat intro!

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