Stay full much longer!

December 3, 2021
Stay full much longer!

The basis of these is no secret, is cheap to implement, and is incredibly simple! By adding in more fruits and veggies into your week, you'll be eating a higher volume of food (think- having a nice big meal and feeling super satisfied after). You will also be consuming lots of additional fiber and water. These together add up to getting and staying fuller, longer. Just because it's simple though, doesn't always mean it's EASY your first week choosing to work at this.

Luckily, I've nailed down a few simple, no-cook tricks that have been working really well for us over quarantine (Thank goodness, it's so hot out now!) that I will be sharing in upcoming weeks, as well as some of my go-to recipes, from simple and no-cook to weekend projects. Often, I will include macros* in case you're counting! *(Macros will be based off of specific brands I had available, and will vary with exact brands used, so I will list those as well if macros are included.)

Working on trying to get more veggies and fruits into your week?

I've been experimenting with ways to add them at breakfast where I was lacking the most. I can't always spend time cooking in the A.M. and often have either a total sweet tooth or no appetite in the morning! So my solution is adding additional fruits and veggies to an easy-to-slurp-down protein shake. Additionally, I've been trying things outside of the norm to get more variety in, increase the volume of the shake to keep me full, and cut some of the sugar out. It honestly solves for so many of my morning needs at once!

BUT: This doesn't have to just be breakfast! This can also be great if you:

My current favorites go just as unnoticed in a smoothie as the usual spinach, but provide way more volume to keep you full for hours! (Taste wise- especially the first one! Try it, I promise!)

#1- Chop up zucchini small, freeze. Blend. CREAMY.

#2- Cube up avocado, freeze, blend (or buy pre-done). Also CREAMY.

#3- Broccoli stalks! Fighting food waste while we're at it! (Whole thing also tastes the same)

My PB & J (psst- with veggies!) smoothie recipe (among others!) coming tomorrow!

What's your fave sneaky way to add fruits or veggies into your day??

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