The CrossFit Open. What It Is and Why You Should Do It.

December 3, 2021
The CrossFit Open. What It Is and Why You Should Do It.

What Is The CrossFit Open?

For the next few weeks, you'll be hearing LOTS about the CrossFit Open. But what is it exactly?

In the most literal sense, the CrossFit Open is a 3-week competition that is the first stage to qualifying for the CrossFit Games. Starting Thursday, March 11th, 1 workout will be announced each Thursday evening for 3 weeks (3/11, 3/18, 3/25). Those participating have until that upcoming Monday evening to do the workout and submit their score.

But there is SO MUCH MORE to it than that.

The Open is why I fell in love with CrossFit. It pushes you to a new level. It shows you you're capable of SO MUCH MORE than you realize.

The Open is both a community event and an individual competition (between you and yourself). It's a chance to measure your progress year after year. It's fun. It will challenge you. You will come out the other side a better person.

How Do I Participate In The Open?

Participation is simple.

At Big Shoulders, The Open workout will be programmed every Friday as our class workout. The workouts are written with various skill levels in mind. This year there will be an Rx version (similar to our "Performance" metcons), a Scaled version (similar to our "Fitness" metcons), and additionally, a Foundations version, which will offer a further scaling option making The CrossFit Open truly accessible to EVERYONE!

There are 2 options for participating in The Open. The first is by signing up at This is the official leaderboard across the world of everyone who is signed up. For anyone wanting to see how they stack up against others their age, gender, and fitness level across the globe, I would highly recommend signing up here. It's $20 to register.

The second option, and the one I would recommend for EVERYONE at Big Shoulders CrossFit, it's our very own Dallas Cup Championship.

The Dallas Cup Championship

The Dallas Cup Championship is the In-House Intramural Open. This is a community event and is geared towards participation. You will still do the Open workout, but your scores will only be seen by others at Big Shoulders.

Everyone will be on a team, and your participation each week will help your team earn points towards winning the grand prize...eternal fame and bragging rights by being engraved on The Dallas Cup!

You've probably seen the trophy itself at the gym without realizing it. After reading this, you will DEFINITELY notice it.

Each week, you can help your team earn points by doing the workout (and logging it in SugarWOD), showing team spirit, posting on social media and tagging Big Shoulders CrossFit, and more! (I'll make a different post going over more details later this week).

This year, we're making this even more fun by selecting Team Captains, who will be drafting and recruiting fellow members to be on their team. Again, EVERYONE can help their team win simply by participating, so it doesn't matter what version of the workout you do, or how well you do. Just make sure you do it!

There will be 3 dates you'll want to mark in your calendars for this years Dallas Cup Championship.


Thursday, March 11th, 7-8 pm*. For the initial week, we will be watching the live announcement of the first workout, followed by the coaches doing the workout right after! Come in person to cheer, or watch on the Big Shoulders live stream!

The workout will still be programmed as the class workout on Friday. This is just a kickoff event.

*The 6:30 pm class will be moved to 5:30 pm this week to accommodate this schedule change.


Friday, March 19th, 4-7 pm. For week 2, we will have a "homecoming" theme! Come dressed up like it's your high school homecoming (you can workout in your homecoming attire or change for the workout) and show your skills on the "dance floor".

Athletes will sign up for heats to both do the workout and help count reps for others!

If you cannot make it Friday night, we will still be doing the Open workout for the morning classes, so you can still help your team!


Saturday, March 27th, 8:30-11 am. The final workout of the Open and the final chance to earn your team some extra points!

Come for coffee, and small brunch bites, (mimosas maybe?), do your workout, and cheer your teammates on!

For the Friday class this week, you can choose to do the Open Workout if you can't make it Saturday, or there will be an alternative workout programmed that will help prime you for the workout on Saturday without beating you down.

Signing Up and Teams for the Dallas Cup

There will be 4 teams, each led by a captain. The captains will announce their team names and draft those who are signed up already on Saturday, February 27th at 9:30 am, (between Saturday morning classes).

After this, open recruitment will begin! Meaning if you are not signed up already, teams will begin recruiting you to join their squad. Since participation is the main way teams earn points, teams with more people will have a better chance of being crowed The Dallas Cup Champions.

Registration for the Dallas Cup Championship will be $35 and includes a t-shirt!

SIGN UP NOW! (Be sure to sign up before this Saturday the 27th to be included in the draft!).

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