Recipe: Protein smoothies

December 3, 2021
Recipe: Protein smoothies

Last week's post was about ways to get more veggies (and fruits!) into your week to keep you fuller for longer, especially at meals and times when I usually have the hardest time getting them in. The post included a sneaky list of veggies you may not have thought of adding to a smoothie, to help you eat the rainbow, bulk up those grab and go meal options!

This week I'm following up with my go-to protein smoothie recipes for a pre-workout breakfast or a quick lunch or snack on the go!

My go-to protein smoothies!

1.Chocolate Covered Cherry:

Blend well, can be thinned with additional liquid if needed.

2. Blue PB&J:

Blend and thin if necessary.

3. Sweet & Green:

Blend and thin if necessary.

Tip: As written, these recipes are on the lower carb end, intended for a smaller or less active person or as a snack for an individual who has higher energy requirements. They are intended to provide solid energy as a time-saver but certainly NOT replace multiple meals per day. To replace an entire meal, as in having this smoothie for breakfast and only this smoothie, especially for a larger person, you would most likely need to add additional carbs, or make sure you are getting those in somewhere else as a snack. The simplest way to do this is increase the serving of fruit you are using, or add a little bit of cooked sweet potato or a fruit that is higher in carbs like banana. The yummiest method I've found though, which also adds a "cake" or "muffin" flavor in any smoothie, is to instead include a 1/4c (or more) dry old fashioned oats!

For example:

4. "Blueberry muffin" smoothie

5. "Carrot cake" smoothie

Play around with any of these, or make your own! You can also add vanilla extract to either one of these if you REALLY want to kick up that baked flavor, but just add a very very little bit!

What would YOUR protein smoothie have in it??

Next up, we'll be talking about a few after dinner "treats" that will stay within your macros, satisfy any dessert cravings you might have, and most importantly: help keep you full all evening and night to prevent night time snacking and eating!

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