Is not knowing your "why" holding you back?

December 3, 2021
Is not knowing your "why" holding you back?

Finding your "Why", and why you won't get far without it.Over the years I've been asked the question, "Why did you want to open a gym?", Quite a few times. I've never minded the question, it's a natural question to ask after all. I always gave a generic answer of, "I want to help people", "I loved coaching and want to have a place of my own", or other similar answers. While those are both true, they never quite felt "right". I was giving a generic answer that would satisfy the questioner and allow the conversation to move forward. The truth is, I hadn't explored that question enough myself to have a real answer. And then came COVID-19. This global pandemic has given me plenty of time to sit and reflect on my, "why". Not just because I've had time, (in fact I've possibly been busier than ever during these past 2 months), but because I've had to take a long hard look at my gym and really ask, "why am I doing this?". I was facing a very uncertain future, and without a strong reason why, I was likely going to lose it all.When I was studying to be a nutrition coach, they have an exercise where you ask the client, "why", 5 times. Just like my answer to those asking me why I opened a gym most people's answers to why they want to get in better shape, or get help with nutrition are very surface level. "I want to feel better, have more energy, you know…" Okay, I would then say, why do you want to feel better and have more energy? And then I keep asking why to their answer until we get to at least 5.We can do it together right now actually! Think of something you've wanted to achieve, but never really have. Something you say you want, but when push comes to shove, you cave to things you know you shouldn't have. For many, its going to be losing weight or slimming down. For others maybe it's reaching a certain level of athleticism they've always dreamed of. No matter what is coming to mind for you, I want you to pretend I just asked you why you wanted to achieve that.If you have pen and paper handy, write the first reason why that pops into your head. Then I asked, why do you want…(insert for your first answer here).Write your answer to that why next. To which I'll ask,Why do you want…(insert your second answer here).Keep going. Ask yourself why AT least 5 times. Keep digging until you get to your true reason why.You see, without a strong compass, you'll get pulled in any which direction. If you want to lose weight, you need a strong reason why so when you're tempted to go off course, you don't.Results like weightloss, or getting a pull up, or anything when it comes to the human body really, takes a lot of CONSISTENT effort, repeated for a long time (this includes weekends by the way!).When you have a strong why, there is no deviation from the course because you know why it's important to you so anything else seems silly. The things you used to do that you knew you shouldn't and we're holding you back, suddenly don't have the same temptation anymore. Sure they may at first, but when your reason why is strong you can resist early on, and eventually the tempation fades because you adapt to your new routine.So what is my reason why you ask?After going through this myself, I realized my why is because I want to be a leader. I want to help people find their path to health and fitness by leading the way. I believe in practicing what I preach, and so that means I have to push myself. I have lead by example, but also share my stories and experiences. I've always held back from sharing posts on social media because I feared others would ridicule me, but biting my tongue is not in alignment with my mission...with my "why". So here I am, putting this out there.Is it perfect, nope, but that's another batter I'm working to win. Because just like with fitness and health, perfect is the enemy of 1% better, and that's the only way to improve.If there's something you feel stuck with, and would like some help breaking through a plateau, message me to get started! Whether is nutrtion or fitness, or you just want someone to ask you why a few times, I'm here to lead the way.

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