3 Reasons CrossFit May Be For You (Plus 3 workouts you can try for yourself!)

December 3, 2021
3 Reasons CrossFit May Be For You (Plus 3 workouts you can try for yourself!)

3 Reasons CrossFit May Be For You (Plus 3 workouts you can try for yourself!)

When people first walk into my gym Big Shoulders CrossFit, I always start by asking them why they came in and what’s not working about their current routine. I usually get one (or all) of these reasons.

  1. I’m bored with my routine. I go and do the same things over and over again. I need something new.
  2. I want to lift weights and try new things, but I don’t know what to do. Without someone actually teaching me proper form, I’m scared to try anything.
  3. I don’t have any motivation. I need someone to push me and hold me accountable.

If you can relate to any of these, then you’re in luck. Big Shoulders CrossFit addresses all of these things by providing workouts that are new every day, led by an experienced coach, and will give you the push you need to break out of your slump. Let’s dive a little deeper into each one.

You’re bored with your routine…

Having a routine isn’t a bad thing, in fact, in many cases, it’s a good thing! If you’re still going to the gym despite being bored with your regular workouts you should give yourself a pat on the back for sticking with it! It may be time to switch up the routine though.

At Big Shoulders CrossFit we believe in the principle of constantly varied workouts. While you will become familiar with the movements over time, the workouts themselves are always changing. Different rep schemes, different formats, different combinations of movements, the options are limitless!Here’s a quick example of a workout that you can try at home that will only take 10 minutes (I promise).Set a timer on your phone for 10-minutes, once the timer is up you’ll stop, but the goal is to keep moving for the full 10 minutes. We call this format an AMRAP (As many rounds and reps as possible). Pick a spot in your bedroom, living room, anywhere, and perform the following:10 Walking Lunges (5 steps each leg)10 Push-Ups10 Sit-UpsAfter your 10th sit up, start over and begin your lunges again. Your goal is to get through those 3 movements as many times as possible in 10 minutes!(we’ve included 2 bonus workouts at the bottom of this article for you to try as well!)

You want to try something other than cardio…

When I talk to new people during their No Sweat Intro, they usually know that weight training would be good for them and help them in their day to day lives. Without a trainer watching them though, they don’t feel comfortable trying machines or free weights out because they’re worried they’ll get hurt.

We solve this at Big Shoulders by starting everyone with 5 1-on-1 “Foundations” sessions with a trainer. During these sessions, you learn the proper form and technique for the movements we do on a regular basis. In less than two weeks you’ll know how to squat properly, safely do a deadlift, perform a snatch, clean, and kettlebell swing, and much, much, more! After your foundation’s sessions, you’ll move into group classes where a coach will still be there to lead the workout, watch your form and give you feedback as you go. We also continue to help you with movements you may not be able to do yet by showing you the best way to scale or modify a movement to your current ability level.Here’s a quick clip of one of our coaches breaking down a movement for class.

You’ve lost motivation and need a push...

Many people struggle with this, but the truth is it’s less about lacking motivation and more about not having something to look forward to! If you’re reading this, you absolutely are motivated to get to the gym and workout! Maybe it’s one of the above reasons that’s stopping you from coming in. That doesn’t mean you’re not motivated, you just need to try something else!

When you come to Big Shoulders CrossFit, you’re coming to a place with a community of people who are all trying to get in shape just like you. Will the workouts be difficult? Absolutely! CrossFit workouts are notoriously intense but you’ll love doing them because you’ll be side by side with people you will soon call your friend. Intensity also produces results so you’ll quickly see your hard work paying off. Soon you’ll find your “lack of motivation” has disappeared and you’ll be EXCITED to come to the gym! If you’re interested to find out more and would like to come in for a No Sweat Intro with someone on our team, book a session now!If you’re not quite ready to come in but are wanting to get back into the gym and workout, check out our post on the 5 common mistakes to avoid when getting going at the gym again.Lastly, here’s 2 more bonus workouts to try at home, or at your current gym!As fast as possible:21 Burpees21 Dumbbell Snatches15 Burpees15 Dumbbell Snatches9 Burpees9 Dumbbell Snatches3 Rounds, as fast as possible50 Jump Rope Jumps20 Squats10 Push-UpsDon't have a gym membership or equipment at home? Stop in for a No Sweat Intro to get started at Big Shoulders CrossFit!

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