Patty Escobar

Patty Escobar



CrossFit Level 1 Certification June 2021

About Coach

I started as a member of the very first "Six Week Challenge" at BSCF back in February, 2016 and I never looked back, from day one of walking into that class I fell in love with CrossFit! I truly felt challenged by the workouts, and continue to do so to this day, but most important I felt welcomed into the community. None of the global gyms I'd ever been to offered that communal support, as a matter of fact, I couldn't tell you the name of anyone at any of the gyms I'd ever been to! With CrossFit, from day one, the experience was 100% different.

Turning Point

My turning point came when I realized that CrossFit is an expensive "habit" but if I stopped going out every weekend, spending money on food and drinks, then I could afford it! I believe that the majority of people who first encounter CrossFit look at the price tag and think it's too expensive, but when they stop and think about how much money they can truly save if they stop spending it on food and drinks, and how much better they will feel about themselves when they are actually spending their time doing something that will benefit their future then they will realize that the price tag of CrossFit is truly not that bad!

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to show people that even though I've struggled with various injuries throughout the years I can still put in the work. I do not let my "issues" (injury, pain, etc.) stop me from showing up and putting in the work. The beauty of CrossFit is that every movement can be modified; I believe that as long as you continue to show up then I owe it to you to help you find a way to get the workout done! One of the things I always say during my classes, and I hope it helps to motivate my athletes to keep moving is "if I can do it, so can you!".

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