Stress and Working Out - 3 Tips to stay on track when your life just keeps getting in the way

December 3, 2021
Stress and Working Out - 3 Tips to stay on track when your life just keeps getting in the way

We’ve all been there. 

A busy schedule. Stress from work, or family. 

It can get overwhelming.

Sometimes working out, even though we know we should, seems like a waste of time given everything else we need to do. So it gets pushed aside and by the end of the day you’re exhausted, frustrated, and kicking yourself because you know you would probably feel a little better if you had just gone to the gym and worked out!

I hear this from clients all the time. When I ask why they didn’t come on their normal day, or why they’ve been coming less often, it’s usually because of some variation or combination of what I described above. They’re always so happy to be at the gym and tell me how much better they feel after the workout.

“I NEEEEEEDED that”, they’ll say.

“Oh my gosh, I feel so much better now!”

It seems so obvious AFTER the fact. So, what can you do to make sure you never miss a workout no matter how overwhelmed you may feel? 

I have 3 tips that can help you.

  1. Workout first thing in the morning. This is the simplest way to make sure you get your workout done and don’t let whatever happens that day interfere with something you know is vital to your health and happiness. If you’ve flown in a plane before, you’ll know that you have to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others! This is true in your day to day life also. Take care of yourself first, so you can then go help others.
  2. Use your calendar and plan time to deal with what’s stressing you. It sounds silly but it’s actually very helpful to quiet your mind by assuring yourself that you have time carved out to deal with what you’re stressed about. Unless it’s a real emergency that requires you to drop everything, simply tell yourself “I’ll deal with that later, right now I need to workout.” 
  3. Modify your workout. This is one I’ve been using for myself lately. Historically I would look at a workout and feel like I wouldn’t be able to give it my 100% and decide it wasn’t worth it. I would talk myself out of working out! This of course is not helpful at all. Lately, I have reminded myself that consistency is what’s most important and if I’m feeling zapped by everything else that’s going on that day, I scale the workout to a level I feel like I can manage. This may mean lowering the weight significantly, or reducing the reps, or setting a firm time cap, but even doing 15 minutes of exercise at home instead of going to the gym is better than nothing.

Using any 1, 2, or even all 3 of these tactics can make a HUGE difference in keeping yourself healthy and happy, which in turn will help you be your best for others in your life.

We can’t eliminate stress, or free ourselves of all responsibility to others, but we can learn how to manage these daily occurrences so that we always have a little time for ourselves.

If you ever feel overwhelmed, or life gets in the way, and can’t make it to the gym, remember that we now have at home programming every day that you can use to still get your workout in no matter what!

If you’re reading this and you’re not already a member of BSCF, message us now to learn how to get started. We can help you get your fitness going at the gym, at home, and also with your nutrition!

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