Distraction and Meditation - Clearing Your Mind to Improve Your Quality Of Life

December 3, 2021
Distraction and Meditation - Clearing Your Mind to Improve Your Quality Of Life

A Busy Mind Seeking Clarity

Meditation has long been something I have wanted to do more of. I’ve read countless articles about how valuable it is. It can help to reduce stress and increase productivity as well.

My mind can move a mile a minute. I tell myself any idle time is wasted time. I always want to be reading, writing, or listening to audiobooks or podcasts to improve myself.

“I’ll try that meditation thing tomorrow,” I tell myself. “I’ll have more time once I finish this. THEN I’ll sit down and focus on my breathing...or whatever I’m supposed to do when meditating.”

The truth is, meditation actually does help me with my work. It gives me a sense of clarity, and calm. If I’m constantly inundating myself with outside stimuli, I don't get that.

Alas, as many times as I resolve to start meditating, I fall out of practice soon after. I let the busy and the worry creep in quickly and find myself working again without even realizing it!

Finding Clarity From Meditation

This week, I decided to take a walk to try and create some space for myself and my head. I’ve done this before and it hasn’t worked but this time I decided to try something different. I left my phone at home, and it made ALL the difference.

No more reaching for my pocket to make a note for every thought that popped up. No more quickly seeing what time it was. It was just me and my thoughts and I LOVED it. I’ve walked every day this week without my phone and I've already noticed a difference.

I'm more focused. I have more willpower to do the things I need to. I'm taking more action. I don't feel as distracted when working. Actively choosing to disconnect, has created the time and space I need to finally "meditate".

So if you’re like me, and struggle with quieting your mind, try going for a walk, without your phone. And who knows, maybe we'll cross paths one day. Chances are we'll actually see each other if we do!

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